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Welcome Back

Hello Everyone!

It's been a while since I wrote anything and then when I was going to restart my blog got stolen...literally stolen....hence the brand new site!

It's okay I guess because starting from scratch is always fun, it's pretty much what I have been doing for 3 years now consistently starting from scratch so I really should be professional....

Anyway, I just wanted to reintroduce myself and my blog as it's been a hot minute and so much has changed and continues to do so!

But I love it like that, I really do. It's hard for people to understand where the joy comes from not knowing where you will live after 3 months but for me I guess it's like a constant adventure. Cliché I know I almost didn't write that but truly. Most people plan a yearly travel, maybe every summer. With this remote working/digital nomad lifestyle almost every day off or weekend is a holiday because it's a new place to discover!

For instance, I am currently living in Finnish Lapland and every free moment I have I'm out exploring new places, hiking trails and trying new experiences.

I feel much more at ease working remotely as it completely re-balances my lifestyle. Instead of working to live and only looking forward to my annual Summer holiday or a couple days at the weekend you gain the freedom of time. Which is a little crazy seeing is in reality I am only having more "free time" by 2 hours per day as I am not commuting to an office.... BUT it's so much more than that when you put it in perspective.

It's the time you gain when you would like a change of scene so you book a Airbnb in the South of France or Copenhagen and continue to work from there but enjoy the evenings exploring. Or doing a work-out before dinner instead of commuting on a packed bus.

It's not to say that I will never settle down or work in an office again, it's just to say that it's not what I want right now.

When I started writing this blog (well the old one) I was still studying my Events Management and Tourism degree in Edinburgh and travelling a few times a year when I could.

Since then I have been working in the travel industry for 5 years throughout 3 different countries.

I love visiting new places, finding hidden gems, tasting new foods, swimming in new waters, drinking wine at sunset in different places, taking photos for the memories, window seats and writing it all down later.

I will now attempt to reload some of my old blog posts that I have managed to save and start writing some new content!

Lots of love,

Footprints Travel Girl


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